Start-up Help


Start-up help                                   

We can help with issues relating to:

Concept feasibility:
To prepare report options at various depths of detail for presentation to interested parties, such as banks and funding organisations.

Process design and layout:
Following a visit to site and discussion we can come forward with a full proposal of a scheme showing the products to produce, the subsequent flow chart, layout drawing and building and service implications.

Equipment layout:
As a result of completion of the first part we can then recommend the right equipment specification, such that a list can be compiled to tender out the full equipment needed, to all interested parties.

Equipment tendering, choice analysis and procurement:
We can help in selecting the people to send the tenders to, and to analysis and recommend the choices as a result of the returned tenders.

Installation and commissioning supervision:
We can help supervise, check and steer the installation, commissioning and equipment operational training to a successful conclusion.


Train the milk suppliers to your process plant in dairy farming, milking and milk storage to ensure quality raw milk is received.

Train selected staff on the making of the chosen products in your dairy.

Train selected staff on all aspects of hygiene and health and safety.