Overview of services supplied


The company FSA International Ltd has been involved in dairy processing for the last 28 years and has advised, designed, installed and helped in pre and post-installation advice and management with dairy related projects in various countries.

The Managing Director, Roy Major, has always managed the overseas processing business and over the last 28 years has advised on many projects in various countries such as Poland, Egypt, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Malawi, India, Mongolia, Russia, Romania as well as in England.

The projects have included simple milk and yoghurt plants to complete green field sites with complex cheeses and long life dairy products.

Our clients have included The Crown Agents, Balfour Beaty, the British Government Aid, EU Aid projects, Mongolian Ministry of Agriculture, as well as numerous private clients.

Coming from an agricultural, dairy farming and dairy processing background, Mr Major has a wealth of experience in all areas of production, processing and marketing of the dairy industry.